Shortbread Cookie - 22 Oz Large Jar Yankee Candle


The glass jars used by Yankee Candle® are made especially for Yankee Candle® in accordance to specific guidelines. Yankee Candle® requires glass to be lab-tested to ensure the appropriate strength and consistency of the glass. Every Yankee Candle® has a custom blended wax formulation to ensure the optimum melting point and ability to hold fragrance oil. In addition, when properly burned, these special wax formulations help maintain an even, clean burn. If you were to cut a Yankee Candle® jar in half, you would find that the wax is richly colored throughout the candle. The beautiful hues are specially selected to enhance your overall fragrance experience. Yankee Candle® is known for room-filling and authentic fragrances. Our passion for fragrance leads us to develop the world's most unique scents. Yankee Candle® fragrance oils are complex combinations of top, middle, and base notes that are developed across the globe to bring you the very best fragrance experience. An important aspect of a Yankee Candle® is the wick. Not all wicks are made alike. In fact, Yankee Candle® uses over 200 different wicks in their candles. Each fragrance and candle form has a wick that is chosen specifically for that item. That means that the wick you find in one fragrance might be completely different from the wick you would find in another fragrance. All of our wicks are lead-free with 100% natural fibers that are wound to create a superior wick. If a core is needed to maintain the integrity of the wick, all natural cores such as a twisted fiber core are used. Our wicks are another statement of our quality that goes into every product we make.

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