Royal Doulton Bunnykins Baby Dinnerware Set, Assorted Motifs


Generations of children around the world have been weaned with Bunnykins nursery ware as it has been in continuous production since 1934. (Motifs will vary.)

For babies who deserve only the best (and what baby doesn't), this precious nurseryware is a more refined way to offer baby her first meal and makes a wonderful and remembered baby shower gift. The set includes a high-sided 6-1/4-inch bowl for serving rice cereal and pureed vegetables and fruits and a double-handled mug for milk or juice. The bowl is adorned with a cute scene of the Bunnykins family fueling up for a Sunday drive through the countryside while the mug shows two images of the Bunnykins having a spraying mishap with a hose. Both pieces feature a border of hopping bunnies.

Just as with Royal Doulton's adult dinnerware patterns, Bunnykins nurseryware is made of bone china--fine china that has had bone ash added to the clay to produce a true white color--which is considered the strongest and most prestigious type due to its eighteenth century English origins. Both the mug and the bowl are safe for light warming in the oven and for the dishwasher. This Bunnykins set comes in a sweetly decorated gift box and coordinates with a whole series of Bunnykins giftware and collectible figurines. --Cristina Vaamonde

What's in the Box: 6-1/4-inch bowl, two-handled mug.

Editor's Note: Specific images and motifs will vary by set.

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