Pendant Lamp Canopy Kit


Pendant Lamp Light Canopy Kit for Professional Ceiling Hard Wire Installation: With our canopy kit, our pendant lamps can be professionally installed as a ceiling fixture, as shown. Includes hardware and strain relief, as well as directions (lamp cord is NOT included and should come with your pendant lamp). Pics may differ slightly from actual canopy kit Canopy is designed to hide the ceiling box, and is 5 inches in diameter. Comes with a durable black lacquer finish that fits with any decor and will give years of service. This canopy kit allows any pendant lamp to be "hard wired" to a ceiling box. Our supplier paid additional to have the cord certified for hard wire installation. The cord that comes with any of our pendant lights or lamps can be used as is for the installation. If you are not familiar with wiring or have questions, please consult with a local electrician or licensed handyman. If you have a pendant light other than ours, there should be a cord with it. If you are making your own pendant light, we have a cord and socket set for that purpose.