Magnetic Cooking Temperature Guide for Meat, Poultry and Fish


This is a guide to the core temperatures meat needs to reach for different degrees of cooking, from rare to well done. It is essential you know the internal temperatures of the foods you are cooking. Trying to cook based on times given in a recipe is a mistake that people make all the time. There are so many variables that go into cooking times that it is impossible to know when a piece of meat is ready to come off the sauté pan, grill or out of the oven. Cooking anything to perfection requires knowing when it reaches the ideal internal temperature before and after resting. The temperatures on the magnet are a good guide but if you find your prefer your medium-rare steak a little more done, then let it heat a few degrees higher to suit your personal tastes. Remember that all foods will rise by 6 to 8 degrees when left to rest in a warm place (resting is crucial for redistributing the juices in the meat). Use it as a guide, and you'll always get the meat the way you and your family likes it. And Always make sure you are using a quality thermometer. Please do not stick the magnet on an area on the grill that get really HOT, the magnet is weather-proof but NOT heat-proof.